Service and engineering

“EMTVK” Company includes enterprises that specialize in power facilities creation, modernization and reconstruction. Engineering operations include pre-plan study of a power facility, Product Requirements Document developing, technical system examination, equipment supply, construction work, commissioning, operational test, project management, technical supervision and follow-up work.

According to 2014 statistics, broken-down equipment comprised 1% of all manufactured items.

We understand that no-break power supply is a must for every enterprise. That is why production of equipment, which requires minimal repair and maintenance expenses, is our priority. Process automation, usage of high-tech equipment and unique materials improve equipment characteristics.

Our research facilities allow us conducting experimental development to increase our equipment’s no-failure lifetime and overload capability.

Besides, we highly value well-coordinated work of our Service Department, which helps our clients to choose electrical equipment, sets it up, monitor equipment’s operating conditions and adjusts the equipment if needed. Moreover, Service Department ensures all-out support for during the operational process.

EMTVK has 12 years of work experience, which allows us to implement quick and competent maintenance service. Fundamental understanding of our customer’s manufacturing process guarantees excellent quality of our work.

In case of emergency EMTVK’s service engineers and constructors get on sight and carry out the needed operations as soon as possible. Our experts are ready to answer your questions 24/7.