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4000 electrical units
5 industrial enterprises
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Service and engineering

Design, construction, equipment shipping and setup, assembly operations, project engineering support.


About company

Long track record, deep understanding of manufacturing process, and state-of-art technologies for equipment manufacturing.


EMTVK-GROUP Company will participate in the XVIII International exhibition

EMTVK-GROUP Company will participate in the XVIII International exhibition "Electrical Networks of Russia - 2015"


“EMTVK” Company is one of the largest electrical equipment manufacturers in Russia. We are willing and are able to become a leader in this field. Our main goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date, reliable and safe equipment, offering the most efficient solutions. Besides, the company’s specialists carry out engineering and implement complex projects.


Electric equipment production

“EMTVK” Company focuses on production of 3 product lines: vacuum switching devices, dry-type transformers, microprocessor devices. Apart from manufacturing electrical equipment, “EMTVK” Company produces and sails equipment for its control and unified control and safety system.
  • eTC RESIN GLASS FIBER dry transformers

    RESIN GLASS FIBER dry transformers
    • Windings material
      Cu-Cu, Al-Al
    • Frequency
      50 Hz
    • Winding connection
    • Switching (WSP)
    • Insulation class

    RG power transformers are produced using RESIN GLASS FIBER (RGF) technology, which allows for “cold starts” useful for Siberian harsh climate. Due to high electrical strength of the composite material these transformers are capable of withstanding both switching and atmospheric overvoltage. Due to high mechanical strength the transformers are resistant to kinetic forces generated during short circuits.

  • Circuit breaker eCom 6121

    Circuit breaker eCom 6121

    Alternating current arc extinction is carried out in vacuum extinguishing chamber (VEC) by switch opening in high vacuum (residual pressure is about 10-6 mm mc). Metal vapor is current carrier when arcing. Due to the practical absence of environment in intercontact interval, metal vapor condensation at the moment of current passing through natural zero is carried out within extremely short time (10-5 s), after that electric strength of VEC is fast recovered. Vacuum electric strength is about 30 kV/mm that guarantees current interruption at contact divergence more than 1 mm.

  • Microcontroller eMatic MKZP-3

    Microcontroller eMatic MKZP-3

    MKZP-3 provides security, automation and control of overhead and cable power lines, section and main switchgear switches, transformers of power up to 6.3 MVA and motors up to 4 MW. Protection is designed for installation in relay compartments of unliateral maintenance, metal-clad, outdoor switchgear and medium voltage unit transformer substations, in relay panels and control boards of power plants and substations.

  • eMotor Sfr 1000 H8D

    eMotor Sfr 1000 H8D
    • Voltage
    • Work type
      continuous S1
    • Ambient temperature
    • Case material
      cast iron

    Sh series three-phase, high-voltage motors with squirrel-cage rotor posess high efficiency factor and are manufactured in cast iron ribbed cases. The motors are characterized by failsafety, high strength and excellent vibroacoustic properties.

    “Sh” series motors are designed for general industrial applications. They are used to drive various machinery and equipment, which operates continuously, without frequent starts. The degree of protection lets the motors be used in polluted environment. Dust content should not exceed 10 mg/m3. Do not use in an environment containing alkali or acid vapors. The environment should be free of explosive compounds and dust. For outdoor use we recommend using shields to protect the motor from rain, snow and sunlight. Can be started at 100% phase opposition. Designed for approx. 5000 to 10000 reverses.



Besides, we highly value well-coordinated work of our Service Department, which helps our clients to choose electrical equipment, sets it up, monitor equipment’s operating conditions and adjusts the equipment if needed. Moreover, Service Department ensures all-out support for during the operational process.



“EMTVK” Company includes enterprises that specialize in power facilities creation, modernization and reconstruction. Engineering operations include pre-plan study of a power facility, Product Requirements Document developing, technical system examination, equipment supply, construction work, commissioning, operational test, project management, technical supervision and follow-up work.

We understand that no-break power supply is a must for every enterprise. That is why production of equipment, which requires minimal repair and maintenance expenses, is our priority. Process automation, usage of high-tech equipment and unique materials improve equipment characteristics.


115035, Russia, Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya st. 58, building 1, office 18